Monday, 18 July 2011

Frustrations of a Beader

Recently, I've been working on a new piece of bead work, it is comprised of various elements which need joining together.  Today I have been joining two of these elements, and one of my beads broke.  Needless to say this is frustrating, but it wasn't in the element I had just made, it was in the element that was already joined to other parts.  Normally, I wouldn't let this sort of thing get me down, but it takes about an hour to bead each element, and due to the way I've connected them, I now have to take 3 of them apart (and when you consider I've only made 4, this is not good!)
I suppose that as I have a real passion for tiny beads, this sort of thing is inevitable.  And seeing as I have recently pondered on facebook if it is possible to get beads smaller than size 15/0, I imagine that it's a problem that I'm going to suffer from in projects to come! I really should invest in some finer needles!

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