Thursday, 4 August 2011

Teaching my boyfriend to bead

I like to bead... I also like my boyfriend (that's a slight understatement... I love him loads actually!), but up to now, they have been separate 'likes'... until yesterday that is!!
Yesterday, my boyfriend asked me to teach him to bead!  :)
This is Tim, isn't he pretty??  Tim's usual hobbies are similar to most blokes... he likes watching football, rugby, F1, he likes to read and go out walking, and now he likes to bead!
Last night, after dinner, we sat down together at the dining room table, with the following things each:  bead mat, needle, thread, beads, cabs.  The aim was for me to teach Tim to make a beaded bezel for the cab using right angle weave.  Those of you who know me, know I have only recently learned RAW myself, but I found it simple enough, so I thought it would be a fun place to start a beading adventure.  
It turns out, Tim is a good student!  (well, except for when I tried to teach him to crochet... big fail!)  Lesson 1 was less than an hour, and in that time he made a piece of RAW long enough to go around his chosen cab, and joined the ends together.  His beadwork is really good, with a nice, even tension.
Tim's verdict is that beading is fun!  He said it was quite relaxing, almost meditative, and his exact words were "I can see how this could become addictive!"
All I can say, is bring on the weekend!!  We've got a whole lot of beading planned!


  1. That's so fab, Becs!!! Lucky you!!

  2. That is so cool but alas my hubby won't attempt it! LOL

  3. Yes, I enjoyed it. However, I struggled to talk and bead at the same time... but then again, I am just a boy!

  4. Bet he'd love chain maille, and wireworking! I've taught my 2 boys and 1 girl to bead as well. The guys are awesome at catching onto the concepts!