Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Gazing at stars

Back when I was working on the maven meld project, I bought a lot of tutorials, but some of them got put to one side when I had finalised my design. Well recently I've had flu, and to keep myself sane, I thought I'd do some beading... So I dusted off the tutorial for the star gazer bangle, by Heather Collin. It can be purchased from her artfire store, here.

The bangle is right angle weave, which is my new favourite stitch. It was actually quite a big thing for me to learn RAW, I'd had so many attempts at it in the past, but never really 'got it'. A well written tutorial by Ella Des got me out of my 'I can't do it' rut, and now I love it!

So, this bangle, it should only be attempted if you actually know RAW, as it doesn't explain how to do the stitch, just how to use it to construct the bangle. The diagrams in the tutorial are excellent, and are a brilliant visual explanation of how to make it.  

This isn't a quick make though, you need to dedicate a good few hours to it, but it is totally worth it!  I have now made two and a half of these beauties, and they both look so different, due to the different beads I used.  The first one is much more of a day bangle, made from matt opaque beads, with a couple of rows of gilt lined beads, and finished off with agate and turquoise.  
The second bangle is more of a night time piece.  It is matt black and galvanised silver, finished off with Swarovski crystals in a dark grey AB. I've actually been wearing them both together for the last few days, and even though the looks are very different, they do work well together. 

I'm working on a third bangle at the moment, I've chosen the beads to hopefully end up with a piece of jewellery that looks like it's made of ice. It is being made from crystal, AB crystal and silver lined beads, and I plan to finish it off with some swarovski crystals and pearls. I will post a picture of this when it is finished.


  1. Can't wait to see the completed third!! I bet the black and now the ice will go together fab! Now, Tim must have another night out with you so you can show them off!!

  2. Girl, you so totally rock! How you can concentrate on a pattern with all the stuffiness and flu symptoms, I have no idea! I can barely watch tv when I'm sick. I love both of the colorways, and how different it makes the same pattern look. I need to check out Ella Des. I know how to do RAW, but I'm still not very comfortable with it.

  3. Thanks Shirley, here is a link to the tutorial that helped get my head around RAW, and just how versatile it can be.
    Ella is a brilliant designer, and she has so many gorgeous tutorials for sale in her Etsy shop.