Friday, 10 October 2014

Beading Beaded Beads

This was initially published on on 22nd December 2013

I love beaded beads.  The idea of making a bead from beads fascinates me.  There is a lady called Sharri Moroshok who makes beaded beads - in fact, she designs and sells beautiful beaded beads.  You can check out her shop here: The Beaded Bead
A while back, I bought a tutorial of hers to make her signature beaded bead, it's beautiful, and I'd wanted it for a long time.  I bought the tutorial, and then discovered I didn't have any size 13 charlottes... so it sat, waiting for a long time to be made.

Yesterday, I gathered up my beads and started to make...

They were really nice to make, the tutorial was really well written and easy to follow.

I'm going to enjoy wearing these over Christmas.  They're light, pretty, and remind me of baubles.

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