Saturday, 30 July 2011

Big beading day (followed by curry)!

It is not often that I feel the need to talk about food, however, this evening has been such a culinary delight, that I thought I should share with you!
After a rare Saturday spent beading with my recently acquired kilo of cabochons, and £30 of Toho beads, my lovely boyfriend and I decided to go out for dinner.  Tim had spent the afternoon in bed with a nasty cold, leaving me several hours to bead my little heart out, and newly refreshed, we decided that a curry would be good (as Tim would actually be able to taste it!).  I knew just the place to go to... it's not the closest, or most convenient area of town to get to... in fact, it's in a little shopping area in a housing estate called St Andrews Ridge.  The restaurant is called Abbey Meads Indian Restaurant and Take Away... I'm sure it's actually one of the smallest restaurants in the UK - it has about 5 tables.  
It's worth the drive though - the food is incredible!  It's one of those places where you can tell the food is cooked completely from scratch from the freshest ingredients available... they'll even cook you things that aren't on the menu if you ask.  
As soon as you walk in, you know it's going to be a special dining experience, you're guaranteed a warm welcome by the immaculately dressed and well spoken waiters... I've eaten there more than a few times in the past, so one of the waiters knows me by name.  After a couple of poppadoms, I had a chicken roshni, one of the most garlic filled curries going, and I accompanied it with a garlic naan (no chance of me being attacked by a vampire tonight!).  Tim had chicken korai, served sizzling hot, with rice and a naan.  
Not only was the food it's usual high quality, the chicken was succulent, and plentiful, in fact, I've come home with a little take-away box with some left over roshni and naan for dinner tomorrow!
I know that food is technically off topic for my blog, but it was such a great meal, I had to share it with you all!

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