Wednesday, 1 August 2012

OTTBS Bead, Blog & Bounce - Bead Romantique

I am a member of a facebook group dedicated to 'tackling that bead stash', and we are set regular challenges throughout the year.  Recently, we've started something new... each month, a popular beading book is selected, and we make something from it, then publish it on our blogs, along with a review of the book.

The first 'Bead, Blog & Bounce' is for Bead Romantique, by Lisa Kan.  This wasn't a book I owned, but I was so taken by pictures of things fellow beaders had made, that I decided to buy it... but to mix things up, I bought the 'e-book' version.  

There was one piece in the book that really caught my eye, but there was no way I could afford to make it... for a start, it required 500 3mm Swarovski crystals!!  But the triple spiral lariat was just so beautiful! I decided to mix things up a little, and combine part of the design from the lariat, with something a little less flamboyant (and expensive), so I took the rope design from the Deco Collar, and made a bangle, and embellished it with the leaves and flowers from the Triple Spiral Lariat.  This is what I managed to come up with:

So, the other part of the challenge was to do a mini-review of the book.  Let me just say, I loved this book!  I think the reason I didn't already have it in my stash was the name... I'm never convinced by things professing to be 'romantic'!

It does however have lots of beautiful pieces in it, all very feminine and wearable, which is not something you always find.  The instructions are all very clear, and very well written, with excellent diagrams.  There is a real variety of pieces in the book too - something for every level.

I am very glad to have added this book to my stash, and there are many more designs that I will be adding to my to do list in the future!

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