Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Travelling Bracelet

Recently I was given the opportunity to  look after one of Sig Wynne-Evan's travelling bracelets; I received the Asian Crane.

The premise behind the travelling bracelets are described here:

While I was looking after the Asian Crane, I took it to various places with me - to work, to Bristol for a weekend away to go to a concert, around Salisbury, and most excitingly, to Stonehenge.

I work in a secret location so I can't show much of what I do... but here is the Asian Crane in my office.


Next visit was to the pub.  Salisbury is a rather historic city, and it's full of beautiful, traditional English pubs.  This pub dates back to the 1300s and is called The Chough Inn (pronounced chuff).

The following day, my fiancé took me to Bristol for the weekend as an early birthday treat.  We went to our favourite coffee shop, out to dinner, to a concert to see the lovely Nerina Pallot, and spent the night in a nice hotel. 

Beautiful coffee shop called Cafe Amore

 This photo is in the concert venue.

Like I said earlier, Salisbury is a historic city, and it's twinned with some European cities, and has sister cities in the USA.  

The final trip for the Asian Crane was to one of England's most famous landmarks - Stonehenge.  I live about 30 minutes away from Stonehenge, but I had never been there before -  Julie Cowan, who had the Asian Crane before me suggested I took it to Stonehenge, so I did!! It was a lovely, crisp February day, and I really enjoyed my visit.

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